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So what do you Do??!!

So what do you Do??!!

No car, no cable, no gym membership?? So what do you do all day?

Ron getting chlorine

Those are some of the questions–usually accompanied with some puzzled looks– that I encounter at work. Well, we do quite a few things: since we cycle to/from work every day we don’t really miss the gym membership. Actually it is a nice way to wind down after work and I find it quite relaxing getting my “workout” in right after work. To be honest I am not quite diciplined enough to drive home after work, figure out what’s for dinner, changing, ogling  my comfy couch (which seems to say: “sit on me and stay a little while”), and then driving my butt to the gym to go work out. Actually, the ride home gives me time to reflect on the day, wind down, and it gives me a chance to separate work and home.

We haven’t had cable TV for over a year and a half now and don’t miss it. If we really have the urge to watch something, we pick one show on Netflix and get our mindless TV-fix.  I have to admit it is sometimes weird not to be able to talk or laugh about the newest or funniest commercial, on the other hand I can pick one commercial-free-show and get on with life.

Dreaming up bike routes by the fire

Amazingly, I find myself not even being interested in watching TV anymore and catch myself pick out a flick just to turn it off to do something else. We’d rather sit out back by the fire with a glass of wine and talk about what ever is on our minds, or dream up the route we want to take on our one year adventure. Also, I haven’t been reading much in the past years and just found out how much I missed it. I find it much more exciting to make up the movies in my head instead of watching somebody else’s ideas on how things should be.

Since this is our favorite time of the year, with cooler, drier weather, we spend most weekends exploring Florida by either bike-camping, hiking, or digging around in the garden.

Cooking chow on the Appalachian Trail

Our next big tasks or adventure to tackle will be how to cook real meals on our lightweight whisperlite camping stove. Somehow eating dry-freeze meals and ramen noodles for a year will not really be an option on our trip. So the plan will be to cook about 2 meals a week in the backyard with food that is nutritious, easily found anywhere in the world, quick to prepare with ingredients that are easily stowed away in bicycle panniers. If you have something in mind or have a recipe, we would really like to hear about it, so please send us an email and we’ll give it a try.

Well, we’ll keep you posted!

  • matt
    Posted at 22:43h, 30 November Reply

    you can try bannock. Its a pan cooked bread. You can add almost anything else you would need to keep well fed. You use flour, powder milk wheat germ oat meal. you can add meat, veggies just about anything you like. If you go to you tube type in Bannock or fried bread you will find some videos. I will mix it up alittle and use corn bread too.

    • Petra
      Posted at 06:14h, 01 December Reply

      That sounds interesting, I think I will give that a try, Thank you, Matt!

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