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Overnighter at Conner Preserve

Overnighter at Conner Preserve

Conner Preserve Entrance

Friday evening our original weekend plans started unraveling and by saturday morning they completely fell apart. So instead of just sitting around we decided to pack our bikes and go bike camping.  The next question was, where to go. We wanted to try somewhere new and it needed to be fairly close (within a 50 mile radius) to our home.  After searching the Southwest Florida Water Management’s website, we decided to do an overnighter at Conner Preserve and we’re very pleased we did.

Upon arriving we discovered three very nice primitive campsites, each site had its own picnic table and fire ring and the best part was, we were all alone.

Young Buck staring at a younger buck

Within a couple minutes of arriving a doe walked through, followed by a young buck not more than 30 seconds behind her.  After about 15 minutes or so, Michael from security showed up while performing his rounds and decided to stop and chat with us. Once he left we got busy setting up camp and collecting fire wood before sitting down for dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was going to consist of “Bannock” and spaghetti with meat sauce.  In our last post, we asked for recipe suggestions and a guy named Matt posted the one (the only one) about “Bannock”.  We already made some at home in our kitchen, but this time we wanted to try our luck while camping, using our MSR Whisperlite International stove.


It’s a good thing we did too, because we learned to make them a little thinner, so they cook all the way through.  In the end, we ended up making several pieces of Bannock and they complemented our spaghetti with meat sauce very nicely.  By now it’s dark and we are sitting around the fire enjoying a cup of wine while chatting about the day’s ride and how nice the campsite is.

By 21:00 we were tucked in and starting to doze off, when we could hear coyotes starting to howl; needless to say, this went on throughout the night along with all the other sounds wild animals make during night.  Before we knew it the sun was breaking through the trees and we could hear sandhill cranes flying overhead and RC-airplanes off in the distance.  After getting the fire going, it was time to make coffee and eat breakfast (a banana and oatmeal with almonds), before packing up and heading home.

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