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Author: Ron

This is one of those pieces of equipment that most bicycle tourist probably skip over and decide the extra weight is just not worth it. So let me tell you about how wonderful it was, having our Hilleberg UL 10 tarp. We actually purchased our Hilleberg UL 10 tarp several

With nearly 30,000 miles between both bicycles, we would like to share our thoughts on the Schwalbe Marathon Mondial tires: model type - Evolution Line, Folding Bead, ETRTO 50-559 (26x2.0), weighing 740grams. The information and review that we will provide in this article is based on our experiences.

Like most people we dreamed about taking a year and see the world, but the hardest part is trying to figure out how to save enough money to travel. We would read stories and articles of other travelers and ask, “How did they do that?” and like most people, we figured they probably came from money, won the lottery, or had a ton of help. We even met Rick Steves in Rothenburg o.d. Tauber during our 2002 vacation to Germany and my first question to him was, “How do I do
Around 03:00 we are awoken to the rain hitting our tents, so we quickly pull out our rain fly and cover the tents before everything gets wet. For the next few hours we all pretty much toss and turn before finally getting up and out of the tents. We are up and ready to roll before 06:30 and we wait around while Randy gathers and packs his gear. This just happens to be his first time setting up his camping gear, so he has yet to find his routine. No worries, we are pretty confident that after a few more nights and days of touring he will have a system. Once Randy is set, we roll our bikes across the street and sit
Leaving Bangkok from near the airport was not a big deal, but first on the list is finding the local post office and mailing all of our winter gear and some other items that we will not need. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="800"]P1090254 Getting ready to roll...yes, we know how to destroy a room with the help of a bunch of panniers[/caption] As soon as we pull into the post office parking lot we become the local show. One of the postmen starts chatting with us even before we get our bikes parked, wanting to know where we come from and where we are going. That was all it took! He began telling everyone within
The alarm goes off at 06:00 so that we can be ready to hit the road by 09:00 for the 2 hour drive to Frankfurt to catch our 15:30 flight. Yes, we are very early! We quickly wake up and have our morning coffee before we each jump in the shower. After our showers, we load the van and say “Tschüss” (see ya later) to our family and off we go. Actually, we are on the road
Waking up in the morning is not very hard around here. The sun seems to always be in your eyes and it gets pretty darn hot around 05:00. However, we do seem to nap off and on for another couple hours before finally crawling out from under our mosquito net. The sky is clear and blue and across the lake the trees are reflecting off the water’s surface as if it were a
In the morning we wake to the sound of raindrops hitting our tarp, or so it sounds. As our eyes gain focus we realize that it is not raindrops hitting our tarp, but rather hundreds, if not thousands of mosquitoes, biting flies, and other insects bouncing off the bottom of our tarp. We also take notice of all the mosquitoes sitting on our net just waiting for breakfast, breakfast being us as we leave the protection of our mosquito net. Before low crawling out from under the
Despite taking the train for the past 13 hours, we still have nearly 500 miles to go before reaching Nordkapp. However, by taking the train we gave ourselves a 5-day buffer, so unless something really goes wrong or the weather turns to total crap, we should see the midnight sun.