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Cycle Touring Florida: The Early Tours

Cycling in Florida

Cycle Touring Florida: The Early Tours

cycling in Florida, weeki wachee

Taking a short break and getting a quick snack on our way up to Pine Island, Florida

Before we went on any big overseas tours, we did a several one day trips just to log miles.  Two short bike tours that come to mind are the ones we did up to Pine Island and the other is when we rode down to Clearwater Beach, Florida, and back.  For Petra the Pine Island trip would be her longest single day ride to date. Add in a new destination, some rain, and at times heavy traffic and you have a great day of riding.  Our ride down to Clearwater was not a big deal since we’ve been there hundreds of times, but what made this trip different is we are both on our bikes this time.



    Pine Island Photos




    Clearwater Beach Photos



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