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Travel Inspiration: Never Wait Til Later, It May Never Come

Travel Inspiration: Never Wait Til Later, It May Never Come

Talking to some friends about our “extended vacation plans” we have heard comments like: “What about your job?”, “What are you going to do with all your things?”, or “Aren’t those plans you should keep for your retirement?”.

Well……it’s not that we haven’t had some of the same thoughts or concerns ourselves before. However, after a weekend that felt like a crazy emotional rollercoster, during which we felt that fate just majorly kicked us and others dear to us in the gut; our original feelings that we should go through with this plan were confirmed.

When opportunity knocks, open the door

Never know what lies behind doors, until you dare to open them

Granted, having a secure job until retirement is very nice, especially considering that we really love where we work and with whom we work. Yet, how do we know for sure that first off: there is even going to be a retirement when we’ll get there; and secondly: whether we are going to be young enough and healthy enough to really do what we want to do so badly and be able to enjoy it?

For the things we give up – that’s just it, they are only things!  Personally I think people put way too much emphasis on “things”. Many of my things have been lost, broken, left behind, borrowed….and you know what? Most of the time I didn’t even miss them, or there were just “other things” to replace them with.

From first hand experience I’ve learned that many people seem to wait until something goes really bad in their lives to come up with their ” bucket list”, wanting to do something special with their lives, or finally just really wanting to live their life.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens to late.

People always say:” Learn from your mistakes!” I say:” Learn from other peoples mistakes as well, life is too short to make them all yourself!”….

Hopefully you can avoid waiting too long to enjoy your life, before it is too late.  That’s why I believe we should never wait til later……because we never know what later may bring. I believe we should always embrace every moment and enjoy it like there may not be any more moments, so hopefully when our last days come we won’t have any regrets and we won’t have to wonder what life would have been like if we only “would have” done those things we always wanted to do. No matter how simple or extravagant those things may be, whether it is a single whispered ” I love you”, going out to eat with a special person, spending time with loved ones, or going on the trip of our lifetime……we should never wait!

So I guess in a very sad way I want to thank a very special person in my life to teach me this lesson, and  who helped confirm this gut feeling that I always had: that I should never wait til later…..because later may never come.

Thank you Maryann! I will always miss you!

and yes – we will go on our Tour 2012

P.S. Thank you for giving me the most beautiful gifts one can give in their life….your son and two wonderful daughters

We love you Mom, and We’ll miss you!!

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