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Bike is fixed and we’re on the road again!

Bike is fixed and we’re on the road again!

Day 62 (10 May 2013) – As we enter the bike shop, Jesus gives us a big smile and a ‘thumbs up’—our bike part has arrived!

After a week of relaxing and exploring Ronda it is finally time to get back on the road!


However, not before having a great evening with another of our camping neighbors though. Guston (not sure about the spelling),  a South African zoologist and former tour guide invited us for shrimp dinner at his little cabin. He is busy in Ronda to help establish an Adventure-Ostrich farm, taking care of the animals and teaching jockeys how to ride them. We make some pasta dinner to share with him and have a wonderful time listening to his funny stories about people he met while being a tour guide, while eating shrimp and pasta.


In the morning we pack up and start pedaling, but not before meeting another bike tourist. We shared breakfast with Regina, who just happens to be from Berlin, Germany. She is on a short vacation and touring southern Spain. After leaving the campground, we are greeted with a 10 km uphill bike ride, which was a little tasking after not being on the bikes for a week, and it took our bodies a little getting used to again to do all this work. Once we made it to the top, all the hard work was well worth it. We rode several miles up and down along the mountain ridges, saw more white little villages scattered around the mountains.


The views were breathtaking—although the mountains are mostly bare and rocky, they have their own beauty to them. Eventually, we encounter more trees and we reach a nice long down hill. On the way down we admire the mountains all around us. Suddenly we notice, what looks like clouds beneath us with a big rock sticking up about 27 miles ahead of us with REALY big mountains behind it. It takes us a moment to realize what we are seeing. We found a spot to stop so we can really check it out. We were looking at the Rock of Gibraltar, surrounded in sea fog, and the mountains of Africa ahead of us.


Amazed by the realization that we are so close to another country and another continent, we continued on the journey down the mountain toward the ocean.

We found a place to spend the night about 6 miles from Gibraltar.

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