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We’ll be coming around the mountain, when we come…

We’ll be coming around the mountain, when we come…

Days 54 & 55 (2/3 May 2013) – The morning is cold and wet; there is so much dew around us, that we have to pack up a soaking wet tent. We ride about 10 miles before it warmed up a little bit, that’s when we decide to stop and make some coffee and have a bite to eat. Because of all the climbing throughout the last few days, our legs still feel tired.


We take it easy and go slowly today. It amazes us how much farmland there is between the towns, we can go miles and miles and not see any houses along our way. Around lunchtime we stop in a field right outside a little town, next to the street to eat and to let our tent dry out. We pitch the tent and hang out for an hour. Amazingly farmers, cars and even the police go by without giving us any attention. For a short moment we consider just staying there for the night, but then decided to move on. Also, Ron discovered a crack in his crank arm and we need to get it fixed somehow before going over more of these steep hills or getting into Morocco.



The plan was to look for a spot to sleep way before nighttime today. Again we run into the same trouble of having most areas fenced in, and since both of us are tired, we decide to take a room for the night in a little town along our route.



We  take warm showers, eat our bread and lunch meat and have the two last beers, that Erik gave us during our get-together in Cordoba and fall asleep early.

In the morning we enjoy chatting with the locals in the small hotel’s restaurant, have 2 cups of wonderful coffee con leche with bread and homemade pâté. Ron takes some pictures of his broken crank arm to email to the FSA rep, so hopefully we can get a new one while staying in Ronda (our next destination, where we plan on staying for a few days).


The girl in the reception hands us a nice, big, cold bottle of water as we leave, and off we go on a short ride to Ronda. They say every uphill has a downhill—however, today it seems that every uphill has another uphill to trump it! Fortunately we get to see some fantastic little towns nestled along the mountain sides and the views off the mountains are spectacular.

After a long day of climbing very long, sometimes gradual, sometimes not so gradual climbs up the mountains  and some rain, we made it to Ronda.



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  • Martin and Ine
    Posted at 16:09h, 07 May Reply

    Hi Ron and Petra,
    You made it to Ronda. Great! When you visit Holland, you’re more than welcome to stay here. Just give us a call.
    I’ve checked the forecasts for you. Ronda: Dry for the next 10 days, temperatures slowly dropping from 75ºF to 60ºF.
    Marbella (further south): Also dry, temperatures slowly dropping from 80ºF to 65ºF.
    Enjoy the weather!

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